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Tennis Court Installations

If you are considering a new tennis court, here are some basic requirements to consider.

Court layout 1 Size & Space

A standard size Tennis Court for doubles play measures 60' x 120' from fence to fence. The outside dimensions of the playing lines should be as follows: Singles 27' x 78' and doubles 36' x 78'. For batteries of two or more courts, a minimum of 48' additional width is allowed for each extra court. Total cleared space, however varies depending on site topography, perimeter drainage needs, landscaping and so on. Courts can also be smaller than the standard size of  60' x 120' to accommodate various size properties.

The primary reason for a fence around a Tennis Court is to contain most tennis balls within the court playing area. Unless additional fencing is required for security or adjacent hazards such as parking lots, roads or water, a high fence is not necessary. Fencing has several options.  A standard fence is 10' high, but a 8' or 12' fence may be appropriate at times. A Tennis Court can be fully enclosed or sides can be left open with a lower 3' or 4' fence. Corners can be a traditional 90 degrees or " cut corners" can be installed.
Galvanized fence (available in black or green) or cedar fencing can be used.

Court LightsLighting

Lighting outdoor courts can provide additional hours of play time for working people who, because of limited daytime hours, have no choice but to play at night. Some towns do not allow lights. Please check with your local building department.