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What is a Hydro Court??

---- Hydro Court (large)

A Hydro Court is simply a unique subsurface irrigation system which creates an artificial water table beneath a Har Tru tennis court. The court is constructed with six water retaining cells, each approximately 20' x 60'. They can each be independently controlled to allow optimum moisture control for shady areas or areas of heavy play. Water is fed directly into the stone base of each cell. Through capillary action, the Har Tru surface pulls moisture through the screenings layer to replace moisture lost due to evaporation.

The water level in each cell is regulated by the control box for that cell. The objective in watering your Hydro Court is to maintain the lowest possible water level to help keep the entire court uniformly moist.

The Hydro Court watering system beneath your tennis court is the most trouble-free and efficient system for irrigating your Har Tru courts.