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Tennis Court Installations

If you are considering a new tennis court, here are some basic requirements to consider:

Size & Space

A standard size Tennis Court for doubles play measures 60' x 120' from fence to fence. The outside dimensions of the playing lines should be as follows: Singles 27' x 78' and doubles 36' x 78'. For batteries of two or more courts, a minimum of 48' additional width is allowed for each extra court. Total cleared space, however varies depending on site topography, perimeter drainage needs, landscaping and so on. Courts can also be smaller than the standard size of  60' x 120' to accommodate various size properties.


The primary reason for a fence around a Tennis Court is to contain most tennis balls within the court playing area. Unless additional fencing is required for security or adjacent hazards such as parking lots, roads or water, a high fence is not necessary. Fencing has several options.  A standard fence is 10' high, but a 8' or 12' fence may be appropriate at times. A Tennis Court can be fully enclosed or sides can be left open with a lower 3' or 4' fence. Corners can be a traditional 90 degrees or " cut corners" can be installed. Galvanized fence (available in black or green) or cedar fencing can be used.


Lighting outdoor courts can provide additional hours of play time for working people who, because of limited daytime hours, have no choice but to play at night. Some towns do not allow lights. Please check with your local building department.


Check out the different types of courts here!

Choose between All Weather Courts, Rebound Ace, Synthetic Turf Courts, Har Tru Courts, Hydro Courts or Classic Turf.

All Weather Courts

An All Weather court is a hard surface court, usually built with an asphalt base and an acrylic coating to provide color and optional cushioning to soften the asphalt. These type of courts typically play faster and require little maintenance and are playable year round weather permitting, such as ice, snow etc...

Rebound Ace

Rebound Ace, which is, the surface that is used at the Australian Open is a cushioned hard court with layers of polyurethane rubber, fiberglass and other materials on top of a asphalt base.

Synthetic Turf Courts

Created by weaving polypropylene synthetic grass fibers into a backing mat and held in place with various infill materials. This surface is comfortable underfoot and the level of sand determines the speed of play and foot slide. Synthetic Turf surfaces are safe, resilient and an all weather playing surface made to look like natural grass.

Maintenance includes occasional sanding and brooming.


Har Tru Courts

Har Tru is the most popular court surface in the United States and provides the maximum comfort to satisfy your playing demands.

Har Tru can be used for both new construction and for top dressing of existing courts. A Har Tru court can also be built over existing clay, asphalt or concrete courts.

These types of courts are comfortable underfoot with soft play, allow slide, are quick drying and require seasonal maintenance and a sprinkler system.

Hydro Courts

A Hydro Court is simply a unique subsurface irrigation system which creates an artificial water table beneath a Har Tru tennis court. The court is constructed with six water retaining cells, each approximately 20' x 60'. They can each be independently controlled to allow optimum moisture control for shady areas or areas of heavy play. Water is fed directly into the stone base of each cell. Through capillary action, the Har Tru surface pulls moisture through the screenings layer to replace moisture lost due to evaporation.
The water level in each cell is regulated by the control box for that cell. The objective in watering your Hydro Court is to maintain the lowest possible water level to help keep the entire court uniformly moist.

The Hydro Court watering system beneath your tennis court is the most trouble-free and efficient system for irrigating your Har Tru courts.

Classic Turf

Classic Turf is the result of modern chemistry and creative engineering, and it is the ultimate all weather cushioned tennis court surface. Also known as the "Softest hard court to ever play on", the surfaces biomechanically engineered 3/8" solid rubber produces a soft and comfortable surface, reducing fatigue and excessive impact on back, legs, knees, ankles, feet and joints. Classic Turf surfaces can be installed over a variety of surfaces such as, asphalt, concrete, wood, etc...
The waterproof, elastic and flexible properties absorb expansion and contraction of the subsurface. With a 5 year to Life warranty under Classic Turf's maintenance guidelines, you are sure to have an enjoyable surface to play on.